General Information

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Med-Health Clinical Laboratories operate under a full time technical supervisor available for discussion of test procedures and other laboratory related information. Our technical staff is composed of seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience in the clinical laboratory setting. Pathology consultations are available upon request. 

Bill Medicaid – Check “Bill Medicaid” on the test request

  • Name and address of patient
  • Medicaid number/ Social Security number
  • MediPass Number
  • Date of birth
  • ICD9 diagnosis code
  • Referring physician’s UPIN
  • Patient signature on the requisition, copy of Medicaid card 

Repeat Determinations

The laboratory will repeat a test at no charge whenever the result does not correlates with the physician’s clinical judgment. When requesting a repeat determination, please refer to the specimen accession number on the report. To ensure sample integrity, a prompt request for repeat determinations is advisable.

Quality Assurance

Med-Health Clinical Laboratories participate in external quality assurance programs by the American Proficiency Institute (API) and the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB). Our Quality Assurance Program will actively monitor the entire process of laboratory services and our internal quality control program that includes commercial controls, which are monitored by the laboratory technical supervisor.

Client Services

Our client service department is available for the following services:

  • Requesting tests results and current status of testing
  • Processing add-ons or cancellations
  • Requesting information on test availability and specimen requirements
  • Requesting duplicate reports, via fax, hard copy, or both
  • Requesting specimen pick-ups

Turnaround Time

Routine diagnostic reports are available within 24 hours of specimen receipt at our laboratory. Certain tests may require additional time due to specimen processing requirements. Please call our facility for STAT testing; we will make every effort to facilitate the specimen accordingly to meet your expectations.

Telephone Results

When requested, test results will be called into your office at 8:30 am of the following day. If special arrangements are necessary, please state so on the comment area on the request form.

HIV Antibody Testing

Confidentiality of all tests results and mostly for HIV antibody is an important issue in our facility. However, for insurance purposes and CLIA regulations all specimens submitted for HIV testing must be properly identified.

Client Payment

Client’s accounts are billed by statement once per month. The statement must include: patient’s name, date request for testing was received, test(s) performed, patient ID and fee. Terms: net 30 days.

Professional Courtesy

According to Federal statutes it is prohibited to perform “professional courtesy” testing to physicians (client) and their staff.

Test Requisition

Med-Health Clinical Laboratories will provide personalized test requisition forms with pre-printed client name, account number, and address. Requisition forms must be complete with all the pertinent information:

  • Type or print clearly when completing request form
  • Complete the request form with all pertinent information, e.g. DOB, sex, date and time specimen was collected, diagnosis codes….
  • Check box or write the test being ordered

It is essential to complete all the pertinent information on the request form to avoid delays of the testing of the sample submitted. If you have any question or concern on this matter, please contact the laboratory.